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Image Re-touching

Images, especially cars and other vehicles, which come with unrequired blemishes, marks, stickers, numbers, windscreens and shadows require special care. We at Kodanda Creations, had a very talented team, working on Photoshop to create accurate Channel Masks on images to separate areas and to remove such unwanted things, as well as more advanced color correction work as per customer requirements.

We as professionally experienced in the graphic division, know exactly the kind of retouching methods required for such kind of flaws. We can remove unsightly marks from any surface and ensure that your images are faultless in every way. Our Photoshop professionals are experts in image retouching and masking jobs, and thus, we ensure that the image after retouching comes out as a perfect picture. We maintain the global standards which enforces us to build a good reputation in the present competitive scenario, with the responsibility of keeping up the good work.

Image Re-touching Example